Saturday, April 26, 2014

The_synth Arduino library got an upgrade

A while ago I released a Arduino synthesizer library. A new and improved version is now available github:

I was asked to play a small concert at my friends PhD defense using an Arduino running this library.

Listen to the result here:

The music was sequenced using Ableton Live and sent to the Arduino via. MIDI @ 31250 BAUD serial data. The output from the Arduino was a 8 bit PWM signal that was subsequently lowpass filtered using a simple LC filter.
Part of the low pass filtered audio signal was sent back through a echo effect processor (inside Ableton) to add a bit of flavor and make it tolerable to regular people :)


  1. Great job dude! I started few times ago similar project bot not ended after all, your project help me a lot!

  2. Hey! I turned the_synth into a combo synthesizer/brushless DC motor controller:

    I wasn't totally clear on the license details for the_synth from the github repo, so please let me know if I've done anything you're not comfortable with. Thanks!