Thursday, March 22, 2012

New enclosure for desktop CNC machine.

A couple of years ago I purchased a small CNC machine for PCB routing and drilling. I never really used it much then but recently I have started to as part of my quickly expanding prototyping lab.
After being annoyed by the noise and mess it makes in my office i decided to use it's bigger cousins to make an enclosure for it.

Students build rapid prototypes at Roskilde University

I was teaching a workshop on Rapid Prototyping for 2 weeks at Roskilde University.

Here 3 groups of students teamed up to build different parts of a tracked robot. One team built the driving base, one team the turret and one team a compressed air cannon that shoots ping-pong balls.
Overall a really fun project that resulted in a fully functional remote controlled vehicle.

Another group build this automated cake froster.

Quick test of new Solid State Tesla coil controller

Made a new micro controller based resonance controller for the exhibition Tesla coil. The design is very succesful and i'm really exited to try it on the actual Tesla coil secondary being build as I write. Until then the best I have is a roll of wire but as seen in the video a mere 37 volts on the driver circuit makes quite a remarkable spark. If left on for more than a few seconds the wire ends catch on fire :) (Murharhar!!)

240V detector

I needed a micro controller to detect if 240V mains was applied. This circuit works well.