Monday, November 26, 2012

Micro quadrocopter

Microcam1Microcam1Microcam1Micro QuadMicrocam1Microcam1
Microcam2Microcam2Microcam2Micro QuadMicro QuadMicro Quad
Micro quadrocopter, a set on Flickr.
Went to a hobby fair and found this small RTF quadrocopter.
I bought a couple and had fun flying them for some days. As a natural progression I ended up mounting some cameras om them.

Laser cooler

Laser coolerLaser coolerLaser coolerLaser coolerLaser coolerLaser cooler
Laser coolerLaser cooler

Laser cooler, a set on Flickr.
Finished the complete cooler/power supply system for the 40W CO2 laser head.
The system is based of a repurposed drinking water cooler. A system monitors water flow, temperature and interlock and turnes off the laser in case of fault.
System status is displayed on a large LCD.

Ballancing robot

Ballancing botBallancing botBallancing botBallancing botBallancing botBallancing bot
Ballancing botBallancing botIMUControl panelControl panelBallancing bot
Ballancing botBallancing bot

Ballancing robot, a set on Flickr.
I have been wanting to make a ballancing robot for some time now.
Using parts developed for flying robots it turned out to be really simple to make the robot stable. In fact it worked right away and the whole process only took an afternoon.
Wheels are Lego, motors are hacked servos and the IMU is a ArduIMU V3 with custom DMP software.
This is a pre-study for other ballancing and people carrying crafts.