Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gimballed high pressure nozzle

IMAG0441 by geekphysical
IMAG0441, a photo by geekphysical on Flickr.
I have made this nozzle for a future extreme high pressure guided water rocket.

Guidance system

IMAG0434 by geekphysical
IMAG0434, a photo by geekphysical on Flickr.
The brain of the rocket

Full stack

IMAG0432 by geekphysical
IMAG0432, a photo by geekphysical on Flickr.

Fully stacked with spring loaded parachute, IMU and articulated fins.

Parachute deployment device

My electronics need to come down safely hence parachute deployment in tastefull laser cut acryllic...

Guided vanes for water rocket

I wanted to take water rockets to the next level and add giudance...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Flickr Set for Dzl's Evil Genius Lair

alarm4 by geekphysical
alarm4, a photo by geekphysical on Flickr.

A new area of GeekPhysical - or rather, an old one that we've finally decided to publish the mad rantings of - is Dzl's Evil Genius Lair: A collection of Dzl's experiments, inventions, sketches, builds, and programs that often go unnoticed amongst all the big projects we're doing.

We've set up a Flickr set of the images he'll be posting to add to his Evil Genius Lair, and here's the link: