Saturday, April 27, 2013

Drones for fashion show in Paris

Was asked to make the technology for a interactive face tracking drone show for the Paris fashion week. We used AR-drones and processing (more later) Here are some pictures of the controller hardware and some test videos

Drones, a set on Flickr.
Here is a video from the show:

Raspberry Pi terminal

Made this hanging/standing terminal for Raspberry Pi experiments. The RasPi is behind the screen.

Raspberry Pi terminal, a set on Flickr.

Quick electronic stethoscope

Needed a stethoscope microphone for a biometric project (more about that later). Made one using a soda bottle hot glue and duct tape for diaphragm.

More balloon mission pictures


Spacedart final, a set on Flickr.

Here is a link to a progress blog about the project in Danish. This blog is no longer maintained.

Loop antenna for tracking radio beacon

Made this loop antenna for locating small radio beacons (there will be a post about these soon). It is made of 2 meters of heavy copper wire looped into 1 turn and tuned with a 1-5pF capacitor. The wire is supported inside a loop made of PVC tube. The loop is tapped at about 1/5 of the loop and fed to a scanner radio.
The beacons transmit keyed RF morse code so the scanner operates in CW mode thus forming a 400Hz beat tone with the incomming RF. By waving the loop around and listening to the amplitude of this tone it is possible to find the direction of the incomming signal.
This is the first in a series of experiments in RDF.

Gum jig


Gum jig, a set on Flickr.
Build this jig for holding a sponsors product in the picture of a Hcck HD camera. The camera is fixed to the frame on silicone pads thus allowing the angle to be adjusted. The stick with the product is detachable and is only inserted when needed.