Sunday, December 1, 2013

More cheap drones on the horizon

I have noticed that these have started to show up in the maker community stores. This is exciting since A-I own a couple and B-they are compatible with the hardware I use for the HCD.
I actually started work on the radio interface for the HCD using one of these.
I find them less easy to fly and they have less load capacity but they have a cool flip feature that let's the quad do a flip just by sending a command.
If these takes on I plan to expand the HCD library (NOTE: not currently compatible with this model) to control these too..


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  2. +1 on adding U816/U816a support to the HCD Library! After working with hackable quad platforms like the Crazyflie and the MultiWii PocketQuad it would be awesome to find a cheap, hackable platform that I can try some of the stuff I normally wouldn't on something that costs over $100.
    Might I ask if you've added the HCD Library to Github? Doing so might enable others to adapt it and add support for different models. IN any case, Great Work!

  3. Phantastic work! It would also be interesting to get some information about hardware used in the other side. Would it be possible to exchange the flight controller by a more powerful model for example?

    Keep going and keep us in the loop about progress.

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