Monday, May 14, 2012

Maypole brading machine

While doing some 1910 era props i needed tubular braid around some wirers. I got interested in how these were made and thought I would to make a machine that does tubular braiding.
This is my first prototype:
The idea is that 18 spools are racing around each other in a Møbius knot like pattern. The result is the same as Maypole weaveing.
Here is a short video of the first results:
The method seems to work but I still need to design the actual spools and a sustem for advancing the finished braid.


  1. hello ... how did you managed to make the spindles move from one wheel to another in that choreography ? i´ve tryed many times and it didnt work so smoothly ...

  2. Nice work Doc !
    Here's a 3D printed model I'm working on .

  3. Hi... congratulation for the good results. During this period our capmany ( is involved in the development of a braiding machine, we have designed the machine by means of a 3D cad. IF you want we could collaborate by exchanging our design with you

    1. Now I can't see your email adrress you sent to me. please can you send it again?

  4. Hi

    Correge 6 gear = 12 carrier for braider