Sunday, January 1, 2012

New years statement

Well goodmorning everybody. Hope everyone had a good new years evening...
I think this is a good time to make some goals and statements for the year to come.

1) In 2012 i want to work with inertial navigation..

I have long been interested in flying robots and have made a number of experiments involving fixed wing, helicopter, multirotor, balloons and thrust vector controlled crafts.
These all have in common that without control they all perform pretty much like a sack of potatoes.
I find that understanding inertial navigation is the key to success with such projects.
There are a lot of good projects out there, that can be used as a basis, and in 2012 I commit myself to understand and master the art of active guidance.

2) In 2012 I want to improve my skills in rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

Having recently gotten acces to Laser cutting and a variety of CNC facilities, my work have come to depend heavily on these methods.
I commit myself to learning new methods and tools as well as conducting experiments.

3) I want to keep you informed.

I commit myself to record and share my work on this blog and other media.

Happy new year.


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